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anna mahdollisuus maahanmuuttaja


I had been unemployed for one and a half years when I got to know the project through a friend, went by the office and had a cup of coffee. Initially, I was hired to help with their painting but as we got to know each other better it turned out that they had another job waiting for me. I was given two different options for employment and I took my time to choose which job offer to follow up on.


The Give a Chance project opened a door for me and the rest is now up to me to prove.


anna mahdollisuus maahanmuuttaja kokemuksia


Yusuf helped me get invited to a job interview and from there on, I was on my own. I would like to advice all job seekers to be themselves in the interview because that is how you present yourself truthfully. In this way the company knows who they are hiring. The worst mistake to do during a job search is to sit and wait. While you are waiting, others are busy finding jobs and you might miss the chance you are desperately waiting for. My recommendation is to always have a plan, for instance, to work on your CV one day and familiarize yourself with different job options the next.  Small steps are steps too. I appreciate the job that I managed to get with the help of Yusuf and also the experience and networks.  In future, I would be interested in a screenwriter career and I am working to realize this dream. During my time off work, I spend a lot of time in libraries and stacks of texts are already waiting for me. I recommend the project to help you with your employmen. It has been cool to see how fast the project has evolved as well as witness the community engagement and Yusuf's need to really help people. And he truly helped someone − he helped me.


anna mahdollisuus kokemus


I had studied construction, more specifically HVAC and building, for three years in Peltola. I was active in the building industry for two years through various recruitment agencies before I had to go on sick leave and then got unemployed. When I was unemployed I found out about Yusuf´s project and visited the office to see what the project could offer a person like me. Yusuf asked me about my employment history and work-related interests and I told him that I wanted to change my career. Shortly thereafter I got a call and an invitation to a job interview. I went to the interview and was hired for the job. During my first day, however, I realized that this job wasn´t for me. I told Yusuf about it and he understood me so well. Soon I was invited to another interview and now I have been working at the same workplace since June. I enjoy my new job tremendously. My next goal is a permanent job and full hours even though I am so grateful for the chance that I was given. You can get everything in life as long as you want it badly enough. Yusuf sends out really good vibes and his smile and energy are contagious. Thank you Yusuf and The Give a Chance project!


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