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The Give a Chance project is committed to protecting their users privacy in accordance with the latest General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) , the Information Society Code (917/2014) and other applicable legislation relating to privacy or data protection of its users.


By using the sites and services, users accept the aforementioned privacy policy.

Data Controller:

The Give a Chance project

If you have queries regarding the Data Controller Registry, please contact:

Mohamed Yusuf


Mohamed Yusuf / The Give a Chance project
Yliopistonkatu 16b
20100 Turku


Name of the Data Controller Registry:

Anna mahdollisuus -hankkeen asiakasrekisteri 


Why do we collect personal information?

Personal information is collected to facilitate customer relations, administration, development and electronic communications with customers. Personal data are collected for implementing the goals of the project, for the employment of customers and for informing customers about our services through bulletins. We do not use personal data for automatized policy-making or profiling.  The objective of personal data processing is to implement the rights and obligations of both customers and The Give a Chance project as well as processing of data according to the EU General Data Processing Regulation 2016/679 for online-service and research-related purposes.



Data content of the registry:

A customer relations-based connection with the operations of the data controller may develop when a person visits the Give a Chance premises as a private person or company representative and wishes to join the project or becomes part of an agreement pertaining to the project's mandate or services. 

The registry may withold e.g. the following information:

First and last names of customers, names of company representatives, phone numbers, email addresses and occupational or occupation-related information. If further identification is needed for the implementation of rights and obligations of the data subject or data controller, information on gender, native language, data on marketing statistics and bans as well as additional address information may be requested. 


Sources of information for the registry:

The information is only collected from the customers directly. The information can be gathered at meetings or through filled-out forms or other contact online.  The transmission of data is optional.


Data collection via the web page:

When you send us feedback, requests for contact or any other message through the web page, we collect the information from the forms.  Contact details retrieved through the forms will only be used for contact unless otherwise instructed by the customer. Web-based communication through our web pages will be archived on behalf of the service provider. The archives will be depleted upon completion of the project, unless requested otherwise by the customer.  

Links to third party sites:

The Give a Chance web pages contain links to third party sites. These web pages may collect personal data, contain cookies and embed third party monitoring cookies and monitor your interactions, either as a visitor or when logged in.  The Give a Chance project is not legally responsible for third party web pages or their content.

Transmission of data:


The data controller does not transmit personal information of customers to third parties, unless obligated by the applicable legislation. Personal data will not be transmitted outside the EU, unless it is necessary for the technical implementations of data processing.  

Data storage and deletion:


The data will be stored as long as needed for the customer relationship and other purposes specified in this privacy policy. The information can be deleted upon customer requests.  Similarly, the information can be deleted on behalf of the project, should customers use the project to carry out any misuse of services or criminal activities in relation to it.  All information will be eliminated upon the completion of the project.


Data protection:

Personal information is treated and stored in confidence.  Technological encryption measures, including fire walls and https-connections, have been taken to protect the information network and equipment in which the registry is located.

Rights to rectification, audit and prohibition/restriction of data:


The customer has the right to audit collected information and request a compilation file. The request for a data audit should always be submitted as a written, signed document to the person in charge of the registry. Customer compilation files can be delivered free of charge once per year. For more frequent deliveries, we will charge a fee. Customer requests for audits will always be answered in writing. If the information is incorrect, a customer has the right to rectification of data. A customer also has the right to prohibit the use of data for marketing and advertising purposes and restrict the use of personal information. The right to deletion of data does not apply to personal data needed for maintenance, legal or data protection-related reasons.

Personal data processing is always based on consent and you have the right to withdraw consent.

A customer has the right to object to or restrict the processing of personal data. If you experience that your rights to data protection as stated by data protection legislation have been violated, you have the right to address a complaint to the Supervisory Authority (

Updated: 21.8.2018

User terms and conditions:

The content of these web pages are presented as is. The Give a Chance project is not responsible for the content, accuracy, validity of the pages nor any harm caused directly or indirectly due to the use of its information.  The Give a Chance project withholds its rights to make alterations, deny access and terminate its services without separate notice. 


Personal data registration may be required on some of the web pages. Personal data collection is cacarried out with customer consent and the transmission of data is optional. Additional information on the storage and collection of personal data can be found in the privacy policy above.


The Give a Chance web pages may contain links to third party websites. The Give a Chance project is not responsible for the content, lawfulness or uses of the information gathered by third party websites.


Copying or plagiarizing contents from the Give a Chance web pages is strictly prohibited based on copyright legislation. 

In cases of disputes, the user may turn to the Consumer Disputes Board.  (

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